<< 2960.3.15 – Summary of Daily Report >>
<< Administration of Defence Grid at G-121 in T-Nisia System >>

Size of engagement Fits in the regular average of 60-100 attacks.
Attack class 79% investigation combat units of various civilizations. 21% pirate attacks.
Result All attacks neutralized successfully.
Effects Defence grid sustained minor damage at 11 locations. 6 repairs completed using standard routines. The remaining 5 required expert intervention.
Summary Operation normal.

<< 2960.6.22 – Press Report for SN-2960rda >>
<< PR Department – United Observatory Network >>

UON Central received an SN explosion notification from our observatory unit on the edge of the SL-Tana system. The exact location is believed to be in Alpha Centauri system. This differs from previous incidents in that it had a few patterns unknown to our database, which could also mean that it is just a disruption and not an SN explosion. The UON will attempt a detailed investigation, and will temporarily record the explosion as a confirmed Supernova Explosion under ID SN-2960rda.

The United Observatory Network (UON) -among many of its important duties- monitors and records the many incidents and effects of Super Nova (SN) explosions that take place throughout all the galaxies and systems under our coverage. The UON numbers SN explosion incidents serially following a Terran year category. By releasing SN reports to the public, the UON aims to raise public awareness about some of the universe’s important events and their consequences on daily life.

<< 2960.7.03 – UUGN News - Latest >>
<< A Threatening Alliance? >>

In the recent few weeks our defence posts have been handling a continuous increase of foreign attacks. Official remarks are still scarce on the subject as the attacks have not been identified to a particular civilization or race, but rather seem to involve a wide diversity of origins. The United Defence Agency stops at the recommendation to avoid navigation at border systems. In the lack of any further details, our reporters tried to catch relevant comments made by defence grid officers at an undisclosed location:

"Our defence grids are barely holding up. It is just way too much."
"It is not just us. There is heavy concentration on all border systems. It seems as there is a universal alliance against us of some sort."
"There is no unique single identity to the attackers. They are not cats nor insects. It seems like every civilization we have known and have not known is involved."

The UDA will be holding a closed summit tomorrow to study possible action strategies.

<< 2960.7.03 – Extended Equipment Request >>
<< UDA Special Force Legion – Q-Tar System >>

In reference to recon mission (RM.2960) under resolution 2960.7.02 of UDA, we request the RM formation to be prepared with the following extended specialities:

RM-1:4 Advanced Navigation
RM-8:11 Universal Communication
RM-12:16 RP-DNA Analysis
RM-24:26 Combat and Defence

<< 2960.7.06 – Enemy Presence at Unexpected Location >>
<< Encrypted Message >>
<< Source: RM-24 – Combat and Defence Specialist >>
<< Decryptable by RM-* (use #AC31) >>

I managed to clear all enemy waves at the edges of Q-Tar system. In accordance to mission nav coordinates, I have to reach the L-Iba system through wormhole WH-QT-12. Right inside the wormhole I unexpectedly faced concentrated enemy presence. This is too dangerous and has never occured before. Wormhole navigation is already extremely difficult and requires high concentration and care to maintain position on the Event-Horizon. Engaging in combat in such situation is unwise. Somehow, our enemies managed to master this and now we have no choice but to follow in ourselves. I still don’t know how our enemies have developed so fast nor what is driving them, but we are investigating.

Further messages will follow.

End of Message